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NameDepartment & OfficeContact NumbersEmail
Carla Murphy
Assistant Director of Institutional Data
Office of Institutional Data
Academic Bldg SC09
(203) 365-7511murphyc5@sacredheart.edu
Annemarie Murphy
Academic Bldg HC 219
(203) 365-4483murphya@sacredheart.edu
Edward Murray
Associate Professor
Oakview 1 floor Education
NameDepartment & OfficeContact NumbersEmail
Tom Naclerio
Digital media Specialist
Information Technology
HC 115B
Richard A. Naclerio, MA
Adjunct Instructor
Academic Bldg SC 128
(203) 365-7679Naclerior@sacredheart.edu
Joshua Nafman
Adjunct Instructor
Marketing and Sport Management
Roncalli Hall
(203) 371-7875nafmanj@sacredheart.edu
Joseph Nagy
Adjunct Instructor
Academic Incentive Program
Academic Bldg HC 221 M
Rob Napolitano
Student Union Graduate Assistant
Student Union
Student Union
(203) 396-8027napolitanor@sacredheart.edu
Edward Nassr
Admissions Counselor
Admissions - Undergraduate
Curtis Hall 119
Theresa Natale
Administrative Secretary
Jandrisevits Learning Center
Library lower level