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NameDepartment & OfficeContact NumbersEmail
Deena Coplin, MA
Academic Advisor
Health Sciences
Cambridge, 2-HS-02
(203) 416-3941coplind@sacredheart.edu
Maura Coppola
Director Learning Assessment and Research
John F. Welch College of Business
RH 255
Steven Coppolecchia
Graduate Assistant
Admissions - Graduate
Curtis Hall Rm 204
Ryan Corbalis
Admissions Counselor
Admissions - Undergraduate
Curtis Hall 122
Suzanne M. Cordatos
Director of International Admissions Ops/Comm
Admissions - Undergraduate
Curtis Hall
(203) 371-7880cordatoss@sacredheart.edu
Marie Cordell
Acad. Bldg HC 221
Emily Cordero
Student Life Graduate Assistant
Student Life
Hawley Lounge
Ellen Corey
Admissions Specialist
University College / Part-time UG Admissions
Admin Building 124
Daria Corey
Administrative Assistant
Oakview 1 - 9
Susan Cornelio
Program Assistant
Academic bldg HC 207