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NameDepartment & OfficeContact NumbersEmail
Janet Cascio
Asst to Exec. Dir.for EM,DPS,Compliance,Space Util
Public Safety
E-Lite Bldg Trumbull
Patricia Cascone
Academic Department Assistant
Academic Bldg SC105
Dino Cassone
Public Safety Officer- Cambridge
Public Safety
Cambridge DPS Rm 1-C-19
James Castonguay
Director of MACOMM/ Assoc. Professor
Communication and Media Studies
Admin Bldg 220
Linda Cavaliere
Student Accounts Financial Anaylst
Student Accounts
Academic Blg 100
Violetta Cedeno
Physical Theraphy Aide
Sacred Heart Univ Physical Therapy Specialists
Wm H. Pitt Ctr
(203) 396-8181cedenov@sacredheart.edu
Esther Celosse
Adjunct Instructor
(203) 371-7975ecelosse@shu.lu
Strategic Planning Center for
Center for Strategic Planning for non-profit Orgs.
Oakview Drive 1st Floor
Austin Cesare
Adjunct Instructor
Government, Politics and Global Studies
Administration Bldg 235 B
(203) 396-8463cesarea@sacredheart.edu
Rachel Chabu
Foreign Languages and Cultures
Academic Bldg HC 221