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NameDepartment & OfficeContact NumbersEmail
James Wildason
Scholars Commons Residence Hall Director
Residential Life
Scholars Commons
(203) 365-7693wildasonj@sacredheart.edu
Rob Williams
Adjunct Instructor
Admin Bldg 240
Tiana Williams
Director of Promotions,Game Day Ops & Event Mgt
Athletics - Intercollegiate
Wm H. Pitt Ctr
(203) 396-8131
Amanda Williams
Asst Coach Womens Lacrosse
Athletics - Intercollegiate
Wm H. Pitt Ctr
(203) 371-7917williamsa1110@sacredheart.edu
Tyrone Williams
Asst. Supervisor
Public Safety
Academic Bldg
Robert Winkler
Adjunct Instructor
Criminal Justice
Academic Bldg
(203) 371-7941winklerr@sacredheart.edu
Dave Wissman
Assistant Football Coach
Athletics - Intercollegiate
Wm H, Pitt Ctr
Carrie Wojenski
Office of Global Affairs
Academic Bldg HC 220
(203) 396-8022wojenskic@sacredheart.edu
Sarah Wolcheski
Membership Administrator
WSHU (offices)
North Lot
(203) 365-6604wolcheskis@sacredheart.edu
Joanne Wood
Adjunt Instructor
Health Science
Cambridge Campus