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Stu Schader
Weekend Host
WSHU (radio station)
Jefferson House
Nadia Schadlow
Adjunct Instructor
Government And Politics
Academic Bldg
Francesca Schenker
Coordinator od Study Abroad
Office of Global Affairs
Academic Bldg HC 220A
Sally Schettino
HR Project Manager
Human Resources
Administration Bldg 203
Alla Schlate
Administrator, English Language Institute
English as a Second Language
Academic Bldg HC 120
Sheelagh Schlegel
Occupational Therapy
Cambridge 1-O-4
Kelly Schneider
Administrative Assistant
Campus Ministry
Academic Bldg SC 125
Richard Schneider
Adjunct Professor
Art and Design
Oakview 284
Joelle Schrock
Underwriting Assistant
WSHU (offices)
Oakview Dr.
(203)371-1258(entire #)JOELLES@WSHU.org
Heather Schroder
Adjunct Professor
Government And Politics
Admin Bldg 235A