Faculty & Staff Directory

NameDepartment & OfficeContact NumbersEmail
Student Radio Station
Student Activities
Albert Wakin
Academic Bldg HC 219
Thaddeus Walewski
Public Safety Officer
Public Safety
Academic Bldg
(203) 371-7995walewskit@sacredheart.edu
Grant Walker
Adjunct Professor
Administration Bldg 235
Patricia Walker
College of Health Professions
Cambridge 2 - D - 03
Jonathan Walker
Chair / Associate Professor
Art and Design
Oakview Dr. 281
Chris Walsh
Adjunct Instructor, SJF
Theology and Religious Studies
Stacie Walsh
Nursing Clinical Supervisor
Cambridge Campus
(203) 371-7844walshs61@sacredheart.edu
Benjamin Wang
Orthopedic Physical Theray Resident
Sacred Heart Univ Physical Therapy Specialists
Wm H. Pitt Ctr
(917) 365-1090(non-transferable)wangb@sacredheart.edu
Michael Ward
Academic Bldg SC220
Peter Ward
Business Office
Oakview Dr. 137
Allen Wasik
Shuttle Driver
Student Union
Student Union
Frances Wasilnak
Assistant to the Dean
College Of Arts And Sciences
Academic Bldg SC 124
Karen Waters
Clinical Assistant Professor
Oakview 1-3
Irene Watkins
Administrative Assistant
Health Services
Wellness Ctr.
(203)371-7838 ext. 4713WatkinsI@sacredheart.edu
William(Bill) Watson
Director of Campus Opertions & Facilities
Campus Operations
Campus Operations
Shery Watson
Clinical Assistant Professor/ Director, Undergrad Nursing
Cambridge 2-N-17
Stephanie Watson
Head Athletic Trainer (Club Sports)
Club Sports
Wm H. Pitt Ctr
(203) 396-8159watsons3@sacredheart.edu
Sylvia Watts
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Academic Incentive Program
Academic Bldg HC 221
Shiela Watts
Clinical Physical Thrapist
Physical Therapy
Geriatric Health and Wellness
Cambridge 1-P-35
Carl Weigand
Adjunct Professor
Academic Bldg SC220
Robert Weinstein
Unit Controller
Chartwells Dining
HC 208
Leigh Weissman
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Admissions - Undergraduate
Curtis Hall 120
Jody Weldon
Assistant to the President
Office of the President
Admin 101
Joseph Wesney
Academic Bldg SC117
Karen Wexell
Adjunct Instructor
Health Science
Cambridge Campus
(203) 416- 3942wexellk@sacredheart.edu
Kristina Wheeler
Public Safety
Academic Bldg
Valerie Wherley
Clinical Asst Professor/Undergrad Clinical Coor.
Exercise Science
Cambridge 2-ES-25
Anne Whitman
Special Events Coordinator
University Advancement
Cambridge 2-E-21
Larry Wielk
Dean of Students
Dean of Students
Hawley Lounge 202
James Wildason
Scholars Commons Residence Hall Director
Residential Life
Scholars Commons
(203) 365-7693wildasonj@sacredheart.edu
Tiana Williams
Director of Promotions,Game Day Ops & Event Mgt
Athletics - Intercollegiate
Wm H. Pitt Ctr
(203) 396-8131
Rob Williams
Adjunct Instructor
Admin Bldg 240
Amanda Williams
Asst Coach Womens Lacrosse
Athletics - Intercollegiate
Wm H. Pitt Ctr
(203) 371-7917williamsa1110@sacredheart.edu
Tyrone Williams
Asst. Supervisor
Public Safety
Academic Bldg
Robert Winkler
Adjunct Instructor
Criminal Justice
Academic Bldg
(203) 371-7941winklerr@sacredheart.edu
Dave Wissman
Assistant Football Coach
Athletics - Intercollegiate
Wm H, Pitt Ctr
Carrie Wojenski
Office of Global Affairs
Academic Bldg HC 220
(203) 396-8022wojenskic@sacredheart.edu
Sarah Wolcheski
Membership Administrator
WSHU (offices)
North Lot
(203) 365-6604wolcheskis@sacredheart.edu
Joanne Wood
Adjunt Instructor
Health Science
Cambridge Campus
Charles Work
Senior Database Administrator
Information Technology
SC06F Academic Building Academic Bldg SC 06F
Michelle Wormley
Clinical Assistant Professor
Physical Therapy
Cambridge 1-P-34
Steven Wrinkle
Network Engineer
Information Technology
I.T. Suite