Features & Design

An Uncommon Commons
The new McMahon Commons was designed 
by internationally renowned Sasaki Architects,
who designed our award-winning Chapel,
and other major projects at such schools as Harvard
Boston College, and Trinity College in Hartford.
Spanning four levels and 46,000 square feet, the distinctive and dramatic Linda E. McMahon Commons is located at the junction of the Humanities Center Academic Wing an Merton Hall, leading to the William H. Pitt Health and Recreation Center. Set seamlessly into the hillside, the building beautifully weaves architecture and landscape. A sophisticated exterior of glass and stone creates an important visual tie to surrounding buildings, enhancing the overall effect with a similar but distinctive coloration. Walls of glass create a transparent, open sensation throughout the building, bringing  in abundant natural light and opening up dramatic vistas to other areas and buildings across the campus.
As impressive as the building’s form will be its wide-ranging function. The lower level will feature a well equipped pub for various student and campus activities; the first floor, an impressive presentation room along with the University’s bookstore; the second floor,  student services such as Career Services, and the top floor, two separate dining areas plus a state-of-the-art kitchen.
‌From a meeting of a few friends to an official University gathering, from a quick lunch to a formal patio dinner, from a solo study session to a full-house presentation, the new McMahon Commons will meet a variety of needs, providing valuable space, resources and support for our students, our faculty and our entire Sacred Heart community.
Exterior of McMahon Commons
  • Sophistication and elegance, without extravagance                                                      
  • Open, transparent building with lots of glass
  • Italian natural stone
  • Working toward LEED Silver certification
Interior of McMahon Commons
  • Beautiful interior finishes
  • Terrazzo floors
  • Monumental staircase at core of building
  • Expansive, comfortable lounge area
  • Large dining area seating 250 people

Events Calendar

Penny Wars
Phi Sigma Sigma Raffle
Campus Wide Tunnel of Oppression
University Commons Auditorium
Wednesday, March 25, 4pm – Thursday, March 26, 2015, 7pm

We are setting up what is known as a Tunnel of Oppression, which is a diversity awareness program that walks people through to open their eyes to the impact of diversity issues that are still prevalent today.

The room would be divided into 7 smaller rooms within the space. Each room represents a different form of a ism that is still prevalent in society today. Some of these include ageism, sexism, racism, etc.

As people walk through they will be immersed in a room that treats them as if they are the minority of that category. This experience opens their eyes to what people in this category face on a daily basis.

For the Sacred Heart Campus Wide version we need to set up the night before to make sure everything is in order. We will use pipe and drape from campus operations to divide up the room into 7 sections.

Once that is set up each room will need to be set up to represent the different topic we are addressing. It will be a combination of audio, visual imagery in the form of posters, videos, and words, as well as students that may participate.

Res Life in addition with student activities, the counseling center, different major offices, and student groups will be in participation for the set up and walking through of students through this project.

Our tentative schedule to begin the tunnel is 10:00am on March 26th and have it continue until about 3:30/4:00pm to allow for maximum exposure for the campus.

After this we will breakdown the event in time for the next group to utilize the space.


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