About McMahon Commons

Creating a Hub for Student Engagement

On Thursday, May 6, 2010, Sacred Heart University broke ground for its new Linda E. McMahon Commons. It was yet another step in an inspired master plan to make a strong, thriving University even stronger. Watch a video clip of the groundbreaking ceremony.
The campus plan began with a new Chapel at the heart of what is known today as our University Quad. The distinctive design of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit set a new standard for our campus, and the new McMahon Commons continues that level of elegance and refinement in a building entirely dedicated to student support.
Student CommonsThe McMahon Commons has immediately become a focal point on campus, serving as a popular gathering space for students to meet and study. They will come to McMahon Commons for a variety of reasons—to join a friend for lunch, attend a function, meet with a career counselor, sit in on a presentation, buy textbooks, and more. The McMahon Commons will serve as a hub: a “go-to” building on campus, offering a meeting place for students, as well as providing important resources to help them succeed and make the most of their Sacred Heart experience.

About the Linda E. McMahon Commons
  • The McMahon Commons will serve as a crossroads, connecting our campus, as well as our students to one another.
  • Students will gather with friends to study, eat and socialize in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.
  • These peer-to-peer interactions are essential in the learning process and in creating a high-quality student experience.
  • Building connections and increasing engagement enhances the likelihood of success for students.