Student Union Employment

The Student Union Office employs over 75 students. The students work in the I.D. Office, Red's, and as Student Union Managers. 

Student Union Student Workers

Here are some testimonials of employees and why you should apply for a position:

“Working in the Student Union has provided me with numerous opportunities of working with great people, and building both personal and professional connections between coworkers. It allows for great responsibility and the chance to be involved throughout campus with both work related, and fun, activities.” – Kaitlyn Stanford ’14, Student Union Manager (Employee of the Year 2013-2014)

“Working in the union has helped me develop valuable work related skills including responsibility, punctuality, and respect for authority. I have learned the importance of being part of a team.” – Sarah Cohen, ’14, Student Union Manager

“Working in the Student Union has most definitely shaped me to be a better worker and coworker. Not only has it improved my business skills within the office and Red's it has allowed me to connect with many other peers and learn how to provide the best for the University as a whole.” – Jamie Bennardo ’16, Student Union Manager

"I love working for the Student Union because I get to answer questions and help the students with what they need. Plus, everyone who works here is so friendly and it's like one big family!" – Melanie Vollono ’16, ID Worker

"Being able to work for the Student Union has allowed me to feel a part of something for the past 2 years. It has been one of the best decisions I have made throughout my college career.” – Marissa Mormile ’16, ID Worker

“I like working at Red’s because it’s a fun environment to be in and I have learned so much in the past year that I have worked there.” – Jaye Delciampo ’14, Red’s Pub Server

Need a Job? Please fill out a Student Union Employment Application and turn it into the Student Union Office.