Student ID Cards

Identification cards - Students must carry their Student Identification Card at all times and must show it to campus officials or their designees upon request.

ID Office - The ID room is located inside the Student Union Office and is open Monday-Sunday 8am-10pm.

Student ID Card - All full-time undergraduate students receive one SHU ID card free of charge by paying the full-time student activity fee.  Other fees apply for part-time and Graduate Students.

Students must present their validated registration form to obtain an ID. The ID card acts as your SHU Library card, meal card and entrance to student events.  ID cards are non-transferable and cannot be traded or shared for meal plans. There is a $20 fee to replace a lost, damaged (including magnetic strips) and/or tampered with ID card.  ID cards are to be kept from year to year, as replacements are not given out annually.  The Student Union Office does not recommend punching a hole in the ID card for key chains or neck rings.  Your Student ID card is the property of SHU.  Please call 396-8027 for more details.

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