Freshman Class of 2020 Housing

As an incoming first-year student at SHU, you are about to embark on an exciting and wonderful endeavor- your college experience. While you might now be thinking about everything from academics, athletics, and socializing, you may be nervous about the experience of living away from home. We understand those feelings and are here to help! Your housing experience doesn't start at move-in, it starts today!

Take the time to review the letter that was sent home as well as the instructions on how to apply for housing, list your preferences, and even search for a roommate online! We have found that students that make the effort to complete the online application & preferences as well as RoomSync thoroughly and honestly are much more satisfied when they arrive in the fall.

Over the years, I have been asked for my advice in helping recent HS graduates make it through this summer transition before college. This is what I would say:

  • Students should take ownership over their college experience. The student should be asking questions, filling out the forms, and in general- being responsible for their college experience. Once they get to college, mom and dad won't be around to fill the forms out for them.
  • Be flexible. There are few guarantees in life, but one is that life at college will be different than life at home. Beginning to think now about how to be flexible with time, res hall room space, and a new roommate will pay big dividends later.
  • You don't need all that stuff! Save yourself the time and trouble of having to move many of the things you won't really need or use at college. If you don't think you'll use something more than once per week at college, it's probably not worth bringing.

I wish you all the best this summer!

Joel Quintong, M.A.
Director of Residential Life

Joel Quintong

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