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Angelo Roncalli Hall - First Floor
Tel: 203-416-3417
Fax: 203-416-3452

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Joel Quintong
Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residential Life
Tel: 203-416-3417

Gregory Madrid
Assistant Director of Residential Life
Tel: 203-371-7967

Channing Vidal
Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards
Tel: 203-416-3421
Ann Marie Sperrazza
Office Manager: Residential Life
Tel: 203-416-3417

Beth Anne Voight-Jause
Area Coordinator of the Sophomore Area: Jorge Bergoglio Hall
Tel: 203-396-6214

Emily Grobmyer
Residence Hall Director: Elizabeth Ann Seton Hall
Tel: 203-396-6936
Matthew Somerville
Residence Hall Director: Thomas Merton Hall
Tel: 203-416-3418

Amanda Wagner
Residence Hall Director: Angelo Roncalli Hall
Tel: 203-416-3423

Kristen Eschwie
Residence Hall Director: Scholar's Commons
Tel: 203-365-7693

Meghan Marino
Residence Hall Director: Christian Witness Commons
Tel: 203-416-3735

Sarah-Ann Haimann
Residence Hall Director: Pioneer Gardens
Tel: 203-416-3744


Cody Jones
Residence Hall Director: The Ridge Townhouses & Apartments
Tel: 203-650-2568

Marina Rull Valvidieso
Residence Hall Director: Taft Commons
Tel: 203-650-0304

Sarah-Ann Haimann
Residence Hall Director: Oakwood Gardens
Tel: 203-416-3744

Timothy Anderson
Residence Hall Director: Toussaint Hall
Tel: 203-331-2292

Mission Statement

The Office of Residential Life serves the residential student population by providing opportunities to live in a safe, cohesive, learning community while empowering those students to continually develop mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Our knowledgeable and energetic staff is here to answer any questions you have about housing and on-campus living at Sacred Heart University. Please contact us if you need something pertaining to your living environment, your roommate, the furniture in your room, your building or floor, or the staff in your building.  We are here to make your living experience here at SHU the best it can possibly be!