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Reslife 1 genericResidential Life offers you more than just a place where you study and sleep. Your Residence Hall is a living and learning community designed to help you grow in all aspects of your life at one of the top liberal arts schools.  Our goal is to be an extension of the Sacred Heart University classrooms by being the place where you continue conversations from class, work on group projects, or spend time studying by yourself.

Beyond being an extension of the classroom, here you will find a place to meet interesting people from interesting places in what will be your home away from home.  By living in close proximity to your classmates and peers, you are bound to develop friendships to last a lifetime as you listen to music, read books, write papers, and discuss assignments with each other.  Here, you will share a hallway, a bathroom, and your bedroom; but more importantly you will share stories, laughter, and experiences that will make your college experience uniquely yours!

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