Senate Committees

The Sacred Heart Student Senate deals with the matters the affect the daily lives of students at the university. Senate strives to work as a cohesive unit and take care of student issues ranging from all aspects of campus life. However, it can be difficult for all of us to work directly with administrators at the same time. In order to best serve the student body, Senate is broken down into 8 committees to deal with the major issues concerning our peers. The eight committees are focused on the following areas of campus life:

  • First Year Transition
  • Student Traditions and Athletics
  • Campus Operations
  • Public Safety
  • Information Technology
  • Chartwells
  • Student Union
  • Residential Life

The Senators are each assigned to a committee and remain in constant contact with their respective administrators working throughout the university. They keep weekly reports so that students, faculty, and administrators alike can follow the progress Student Senate is making across Sacred Heart. Each weekly report can be found in the corresponding tab on the left side of your screen.