Student Government Senate 2014-2015

Student Government Senate consists of 16 members, 4 from each of the 4 class boards. The Senate addresses all concerns regarding students then provides the correct information to each Administrative department on campus. There are 9 student committees: Chartwells, Residential Life, First Year Transition, Student Traditions and Athletics, Student Union, Career Development, Public Safety, Information Technology and Campus Operations. Our meetings are held every Tuesday at 7:40pm and each Senator has a bi-weekly meeting with their Administrative link to discuss the current concerns of the students. 

Goals for the upcoming 2015 - 2016 year would be for each committee to hold one event of their own in order to address a specific issues or concern of the students. Also, to have two successful Student Open Forums in order to gather students opinions and effectively become a bridge between administration and students. Finally, to efficiently work with Senate's adviser at all times in order to make this year's Senate the most productive it can be.  

Vice President of SG for Senate: Ashley Nordone

Senate Secretary: Anthony Tartaglia

Senator Class Year Email Address
Danielle Berube 2016
Evan Miller 2016
Lindsay Donati 2016
Julianna Mauriello 2017
John McGeorge 2017
Alicia Friscia 2017
Rachel Mazza 2017
Manuela Contreras 2018
Taryn McCormick 2018
Christopher Caiozzo 2018
Nicholas Waltz 2018
Madeline O'Shaughnessy 2019
Magian LeBlanc 2019
Melissa Weaver 2019
Sarah Kosha 2019