Meet the 2015 - 2016 Executive Board

Lily Dipaola Lily DiPaola
Student Government President
Ashley Nordone Ashley Nordone
Executive VP of SG for Senate
Emerald McGunnigle Emerald McGunnigle
Executive VP of SG for Finance
Sarah Palmieri Sarah Palmieri
Executive VP of SG for CCO
Caroline Valenzano Caroline Valenzano
Executive VP of SG for SET

Corey Gittleman

Corey Gittleman
Executive VP of SG for Judicial Affairs

Nicholas Capitelli

Nicholas Capitelli
VP of Public Affairs

Brianna Grills Brianna Grills
Class of 2016 President
Jenna Passerino Jenna Passerino
Class of 2017 President
Cory Robinson

Cory Robinson
Class of 2018 President

Kirsten Cunha Kirsten Cunha
Class of 2019 President
‌‌Nicole Cardarelli Nicole Cardarelli
Executive Board Secretary
Denise Tiberio
Executive Board Advisor