Student Government

SHU SG LogoStudent Government is the main governing body of students on SHU’s campus. Each member of SG is committed to serving the needs of all students. Student Government works directly with administration to solve the issues and concerns that arise within the student body. The many branches of SG range from Class Boards that strive to unify classes through social and community events to Student Senate which handles the day to day issues that students are faced with. Our office is located downstairs in Hawley Lounge and our doors are always open so feel free to stop by!

Message from the President

We hope that as we reconstruct our appearance of this page, that it becomes a frequently visited area where students can find a myriad of different information.

The members of Student Government, who you entrusted with your votes for office, are working hard through out the summer to fulfill our promise to best serve you and to make sure that you have an amazing experience here at SHU. 

This site has and will always contain the contact information for every single member of Student Government. Should you ever have any issues please feel free to email or stop in the office to talk to myself or any other Student Government member. We are here to serve you and we love hearing your questions, comments and concerns.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer and that you are anticipating and ready for the amazing year that lies ahead of us! 

Lauren Kalil
Student Government  President

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