Add Money to SHU Card

Prior to attending an Orientation in June, you will need to upload a picture for your Sacred Heart University identification card; otherwise known as your SHUcard. You will receive your SHUcard at the end of your two-day Orientation. Your SHUcard is your passport to most on-campus services and also serves as your student debit card. Your card is active as long as you are a student at SHU.

SHU Card

What Can I Do With My SHUcard?

  • Access dining facilities
  • Access your residence hall & room
  • Make purchases at the bookstore
  • Check materials out of the Ryan Matura Library
  • Use vending machines
  • Ride the SHU Shuttle
  • Attend student and athletic events
  • So much more!

When you add money to your SHUcard, the deposited funds go into a general account known as your "SHUcash Account." Funds from this account can be used anywhere on campus, as well as a variety of off-campus vendors.* 

If you're like most first-year students, you may be wondering how to add money to your SHUcard. Well, look no further because everything you need to know is here! Adding money to your account is easier than ever as you can do it either via the web or in person. There are two primary ways to add money to your SHU Card:

  1. Deposit electronically by visiting Blackboard. Once you login with your Username and Password, simply look for the "SHU Card" tab and follow the instructions to deposit.
  2. You can also deposit funds in person by visiting the P.H.I.L. (Payment Headquarters in Location) located across the hall from the Student Union in the main academic building.
*Some off-campus vendors include:
  • Andros Diner
  • Bagel King
  • CVS
  • Madison Ave Mart
  • Goodfella's Pizzeria
  • Wilson's BBQ
  • Nutmeg Bowl
  • Pleasure Beach Tanning
  • So much more!

 View a complete listing of the participating merchants


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