Navigating Leadership

The Navigating Leadership Program is a one-week pre-fall program, open to our incoming freshmen, that is designed to strengthen leadership skills, foster development, instill self-awareness, and establish a network of fellow students also interested in student leadership. The NL Program helps our students to learn more about who they are coming in to a new and unfamiliar place. As a first year student, there are a handful of things to balance and this program gives our students the tools to navigate their way through it successfully. There are a variety of sessions and activities that we plan for the participants that allow them to learn, all while having fun! 

Below are just a few of the skills/highlights the Navigating Leadership program offers:

  • We explore the purpose of leadership and how it's found in various ways and areas on campus, as well as within one's self
  • We challenge participants to try new things and support others
  • We help participants strengthen already existing leadership skills, as well as gain new ones
  • The program gives participants confidence to get involved once classes begin, as well as be completely immersed in the university during their time at SHU
  • We help guide participants through the transition of high school to college
  • Topics that our students have enjoyed learning about during the week: Team Building, Navigating College Concerns, Importance of Involvement, Getting Through, Your First Year, Communication, Goal Setting, Time Management, and many more!

Cost: $150

Dates: Sunday, August 20 – Friday, August 25, 2017

Contact: Amy Ricci, Director of Student Activities

Application Deadline: Saturday, July 1, 2017

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