Freshman Schedules

How Are They Developed?

Here are some points to remove the mystery from how we develop freshman schedules—your schedule--for the fall semester.

  • First, most freshmen take five (5) academic courses in their first semester, anywhere from 15-18 credits. We will select most of them—required Core courses/Major courses.
  • Our faculty places freshmen at the appropriate level in Math as a result of your HS Math record and your SHU Math Assessment Form (to be completed on-line prior to Orientation).
  • Freshmen are placed either in one of our FY__ 125 (First Year Seminar) courses or in our FLO 125 (The Art of Thinking) course.    That’s each student’s course # 1everyone takes one or the other. (About half take FY 125; half take FLO.  Whichever course you don’t take in the fall—you will take in the spring.)
  • The second course for our freshmen is one of our Common Core courses--either HICC 101or ENCC 102.  That’s course # 2—again for everyone. (As with FY and FLO, the course you don’t take in the fall, you will take in the spring.)
  • Almost all freshmen then take a Math course based on placement and on the major indicated.  In 99% of cases, that’s course # 3.
  • If freshmen indicate a major area of interest and/or a pre-professional program, we will place those students in the appropriate course (s) for those areas/programs.  That usually means one (1) more course, sometimes two (2). That will now be either course # 4 or course # 4 and course # 5.
  • In many cases, there is now room for one or two Elective Core courses, and here there is LITTLE CHOICE on the part of the student.  Here we offer a preferenceof Elective Areas only:
    • Foreign Language (start or continue);
    • Humanities;
    • Social/Behavioral Sciences;
    • Science (non-majors);
    • Philosophy/Religious Studies/Theology

This last course (s) is selected by availability and student scheduling needs. Students are NOT guaranteed their first choice for this elective course.

  • Some typical schedules might look something like this:

FY__125 or FYO 125                    FYO 125 or FY__125

EN CC 102 or HICC 101                 HICC 101 or ENCC 102

MATH (by placement)                     MATH (by placement)

MAJOR COURSE                              MAJOR COURSE


TOTAL: 15, 16, 17 CREDITS          TOTAL: 15, 16, 17 CREDITS

  • Students should refer to our Major Checksheets (Registrar’s Web Page) for a “suggested” sequence for each major—remember the word is “suggested”; there are many different paths to the major.
  • Let’s use one major (Biology) as an example—actually two examples-- of a typical freshman schedule:

FYE 125          (3 credits)              FLO 125          (3 credits)

HICC 101        (3 credits)               ENCC 102                (3 credits)   

MA 140            (4 credits)               MA 106            (3 credits)             

BI 111/BI 113  (4 credits)               BI 111/113       (4 credits)

TRS 101          (3 credits)               MU 104             (3 credits)                                      

TOTAL:  17 CREDITS                    TOTAL:  16 CREDITS

In these examples, the BI 111/113 is required for the major; the TRS 101 and the MU 104 are courses from our Elective Core.

  • What if a freshman is Undecided about a major area of interest?  In general, that simply means that he/she would take two (2) courses from the Elective Core instead of just one.  Here are two possible examples:

FY__ 125    (3 credits)                   FLO 125  (3 credits) 

ENCC 102   (3 credits)                  HICC 101 (3 credits)

MA 106       (3 credits)                            MA 109    (3 credits)

                     SO FAR, NO REAL DIFFERENCE

SP 151       (3 credits)                    SO 110    (3 credits)

PS 110       (3 credits)                    PH 101    (3 credits)

                        TOTAL: 15 CREDITS

In these examples, the SP 151, SO 110, PS 110, and PH101are courses from our Elective Core.

  • Freshman classes meet at all times during the week—including at 8:00 AM!!!!—and schedules can often feature large gaps between classes.  We even have some freshman courses in the early evenings (5:00 PM/5:10 PM).  So schedules vary widely.
  • As much as is possible, we do consider students’ other needs (varsity sports practices, choir classes, for example) in building our schedules, but we are unable to consider personal preferences.
  • We will factor in and make adjustments if needed for prior college credit and/or AP/IB Credit if and when we receive the transcripts and/or scores.  Sacred Heart decides how those credits are counted on your official Sacred Heart record/transcript.
  • So if you have the results of your AP Exams, please make sure that you have sent them to us—we need the AP Grade Report to award you credit if appropriate.  We award AP credit only for scores of 4 or 5.  If you designated Sacred Heart as a destination for your scores, we will get them, probably in July.  Please send us the Official IB scores as well.
  • If you have College Credit from a college/community college, in order to award credit and assure that you are placed correctly, we need an Official Transcript from the CollegeNOT your high school.   Contact the registrar of the college that awarded the credit.
  • Freshmen cannot make changes to their fall schedules on their own; please contact us with any conflicts or legitimate problems.  We cannot make changes based on personal preference alone.
  • You can look forward to more choice, both of courses and times, as you move into subsequent semesters.
  • And finally, welcome to Sacred Heart; we welcome your questions.

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