Foreign Language Placement

‌Do you plan to take a foreign language?

If you plan to take either Spanish, French or Italian, and have any previous experience in the language (junior high or high school study, study abroad or experience speaking the language with your family) you will need to take a placement exam and provide specific information to the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures faculty.

If you have not studied a particular language in the past 5 years, you may register for a first-semester course without taking the Placement Exam.

This exam should be completed by May 25, 2017 (before you attend Orientation) in order to place you in the appropriate class.

The three placement tests available on our website are:

Please complete the placement exams by May 25, 2017Wherever you are asked for an email address, please use your Sacred Heart email address.

For questions or more information, contact:

Mark Mascia, Ph.D.
Department Chair & Coordinator of Spanish
Claire Marrone, Ph.D.
Coordinator of French & Italian

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