Assessment & Placement

Your next step in the navigation of our Orientation Website is to learn about the placement exams.

At Orientation in June, you will meet with an academic advisor (one of our faculty members) who will work with you about the courses you will be taking in the fall. Prior to Orientation, however, we need you to provide some information that will assist us in developing your schedule. 

This first task is for every entering freshman. Please click on the Math Assessment icon to learn about and take our Math Assessment. This is not a test; rather it’s a series of questions that will help our Math faculty choose the right Math level and course for you. So please me sure to complete the Math Assessment by the deadline—early would be great!!

This second task is for some—not all—of you, and it is our Foreign Language Placement Exam. This exam is for you if you wish to continue a language you have studied in high school or a language in which, for one reason or another, you are proficient. If that describes you, please click on the Foreign Language Placement icon. If you plan to start a new foreign language, you do not have to take the Placement Exam.

Thank you, and we’ll see you at Orientation.

Math Assessment Foreign Language Placement
Mandatory for all
incoming Freshmen
For incoming Freshmen
who plan 
to take a
foreign language course

Dean Michael Bozzone
Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences 

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