Navigating Leadership


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Navigating Leadership: An Emerging Leader Program

Navigating Leadership is an Emerging Leader Program at Sacred Heart University and is an intensive five day overnight training program for a select group of incoming first-year students. The program is designed to explore one's self by identifying and exploring the purpose of leadership and how it relates to the student's life goals. The program aims to strengthen leadership skills and potential; foster interpersonal, social, ethical, and moral development, instill an attitude of self awareness and establish a network of close friends who are also interested in student leadership.

The Navigating Leadership Program is open only to 40 incoming freshmen Sacred Heart University Students. Prior leadership experience is not a prerequisite. The only requirements to apply to the program are dedication and a willingness to learn.

During the program, students will participate in interactive workshops that are designed for each participant to discover and build upon their own leadership abilities, while becoming familiar with the resources available to them at Sacred Heart University. Topics of the workshops are and are not limited to the following; teambuilding, self assessment, goal setting, communication, how to succeed in college and time management. Each day will end with a group discussion and assessment of what they learned.

The Navigating Leadership Program is invested in discovering and developing Sacred Heart University's strongest and most distinct student leaders. Everyone from the star quarterback to the team mascot has the ability to lead; you just need to discover your potential.