The Final Four Awards

Every year, students and members of the SHU community have the privilege and opportunity to work with and learn from the many Faculty, Administrators, Staff and Graduate Assistants that make up our vibrant campus. The Final Four Awards give our community the chance to recognize those who have impacted our lives, made a difference on our campus, and finally, to say thank you.


  • Each member of the SHU community may only nominate one person from each of the four categories below.
  • Winners of the last 3 years are not eligible to receive the award in that category.
  • Nominees must have worked here a minimum of two (2) years with the exception of the Graduate Assistant Award

In order for your nomination to be accepted, you must fill out the: Nominators Name and 1 or more of the Award categories including a description and the Nominee Name. If you aren't nominating in a certain category, then N/A or * will suffice in those areas so that the form can be submitted.

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