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Kappa PhiMission and Values

As members of Kappa Phi we pride ourselves on the close bond we have as sisters. Our values revolve around the trust and respect that we have for one another as well as for our organization. Our motto is "Friendship and Sisterhood" and, as sisters, we are completely dedicated to these ideas. We are proud of the strong bond we have within our sisters on campus as well as with our Alumni. Each member of Kappa Phi believes wholeheartedly in sisterhood and loyalty and we are constantly striving to better ourselves and our organization.


Kappa Phi was started at Sacred Heart University in 1993 by 16 women who were dedicated to making a difference both on campus and within the surrounding community. Since that day every sister of Kappa Phi has dedicated themselves to this mission. The morals and values of our founders were all based around loyalty to each other as well as loyalty to our letters. Although many years have gone by each and every sister of Kappa Phi still holds strong to these values.


Helping the under-privileged children of Bridgeport, CT
Pancreatic Cancer


Purple and Grey

Executive Board

  • President -Gia Spinelli
  • Vice President - Nichole Frederick
  • Treasurer - Kara Pelak
  • Secretary - Melissa Hernandez
  • Sargeant at Arms - Ani Sarajian
  • Recruitment Chair - Nicole Morra
  • Philanthropy Chair - Lauren Greici


Gia Spinelli - spinellig@mail.sacredheart.edu

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