Delta Upsilon

M‌ission and Values

Delta Upsilon's mission is, "Building Better Men." Focusing on their non-secret heritage and Four Founding principles, The promotion of friendship, the diffusion of liberal culture, the development of character and the advancement of justice. Delta Upsilon's vision statement says, "Delta Upsilon is the premier men's fraternity committed to Building Better Men for a global society through service, leadership, development, and lifelong personal growth of our diverse membership.

About DU at SHU

Delta Upsilon is colonizing here at Sacred Heart University. Information sessions along with Spring Recruitment events will take place throughout January and February 2013.


Delta Upsilon is apart of the "Global Service Initiative" which offers members a unique opportunity to fundraise and engage in direct service in developing nations and regions of the world white uniting their actions with the principles of the fraternity. Throughout the year, chapters and colonies raise funds for the Global Service Initiative to help support project that other brothers will go and complete hands-on during the immersion trip experience. 


 Blue and Gold


COAT OF ARMS -- The Great Arms, showing the complete achievement, may be used in such formal instances as stained glass, award plaques or certificates, chapter stationery and illustrations in college annuals. The Little Arms, the shield without the supporting bannerets, is more correct for such informal use as chapter seals, chapter house decorations, letter paper and personal items. 

BADGE-- The gold badge, formed from a monogram of the Greek letters Delta and Upsilon, was presented to the Hamilton Convention of 1858 by Edward P. Gardner of Amherst, chairman of the Badge committee. It was officially adopted by the Convention on May 13, 1858 together with the motto, which appear in Greek form of the arms of the Upsilon. TheDelta is always drawn as an isosceles triangle whose altitude is equal to its base.

SEAL-- The seal of the Fraternity is held by the International Fraternity secretary, who uses it in the name of the Trustees for sealing official papers of the corporation. The Deal is both copyrighted and patented, and care should be used to avoid infringement. 

Executive Board

President - Cole Isgur
Vice President of Finance - Chris Dipietro
Vice President of Administration - John Hallak
Vice President of Recruitment - Patrick Devir
Vice President of Academics - Blake Gallulo
Vice President of Member Education - Dyllon Frantin
Vice President of Loss Prevention - Geoffrey Giller
Vice President of External Relations - Chris Lee


CJ Isgur, or

National Website