Recreational & Social Clubs

Capoeira Club

College Democrats
The College Democrats is an organization of SHU Democrats committed to their ideals.  They participate in local and state democratic functions, as well as host activities for students on campus.  They also take part in many different conventions that help educate them on pertinent Democratic issues.

College Republicans
College Republicans are dedicated to increasing Republican ideals throughout campus by hosting events and participation in state-wide and national political activities.  They interact with the College Republican National Committee, and the Connecticut Union on College Republicans.  Throughout the year they host activities that allow them to meet some of the leaders in the Republican Party in both the state and national level.

Commuter Council
The Commuter Council is comprised of all commuter students, especially our freshmen and sophomores. The goal of this group and weekly meetings is to provide an outlet for the commuters to meet their peers, discuss their transition, address any concerns or questions and the fun part…get involved and plan events! Participation and input is essential in making this organization flourish, as well as become a place where all commuters can gather and feel connected to the campus community.

Gay/Straight Alliance
The SHU GSA was started in the Fall of 2000 to promote a safe environment for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender students and their allies.  They provide programming and events that promote a diverse and accepting environment, and work to make Sacred Heart University a better place for students no matter what their sexual orientation.

Hall Councils
The governing body of each Residence Hall strives to create a community that functions to unite the residents with the University itself.  This is achieved through programming, fundraising, and community service.

Magic The Gathering

Martial Arts Club
The Martial Arts Club offers membership to students who are interested in the martial arts. They hold classes at the University for any students who desire to participate. 

National Residence Hall Honorary
NRHH is composed of the top 1% of student leaders in the Residence Halls.  They strive to recognize contributions within the Halls through their “of the month” recognition system.

Residence Hall Association
Residence Hall Associ strives to achieve a sense of community between the residence halls both on and off campus and to promote school/hall spirit.  In addition, RHA offers an open forum where all are welcome to voice their concerns about residential issues.  RHA sponsors a few Campus Wide Events, and promotes active involvement and campus integration to accomplish their goals.

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow
Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) works closely with the Office of Institutional Advancement to create relationships with current students that will last long after graduation. The main event is Homecoming Weekend every October.

Student Events Team
Part of Student Government, the Student Events Team, is the largest programming board on campus. Holding multiple events -per week, SET works to provide students with a variety of social events to attend. All students are encouraged to join and give their imput.

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