Important Documents for Clubs & Advisors

Below you will find forms and documents that will assist you in being a successful club on campus. Some forms are required to be turned in by certain deadlines each semester, so be sure to check your emails and attend President and/or Advisor Meetings!

Advisor Guidelines

Budget Information

Clubs & Blackboard Sites--"How To" Guide

End of Semester Report

Event Planning Guide & Checklist

Event Sign Up Sheet (for club members to fill out prior to their event: time of arrival, member names, tasks, etc)

Roster Form

Starting a New Club

If you are interested in starting a club, please stop by the Student Activities Office located upstairs to the left in Hawley Lounge. You can speak with Shannon Driscoll (Student Activities Graduate Assistant). She will explain the process and give you a New Club Application to be completed and turned in for review. 

Events Calendar

Study Abroad Table Sessions
Study Abroad Table Sessions
Full Calendar