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Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association (SNA) is a national organization designed specifically for nursing students. There is a chapter of SNA to represent nursing students at Sacred Heart University. The SNA board acts as a liaison between students and faculty. The board also organizes events both on and off campus. These events help to promote the development of skills, standards and ethics that are needed to become a responsible member of the nursing professions, which includes membership in one or more professional organizations. Thus, membership and participation in the SNA are required.

Community service is an important part of the SNA and is strongly encouraged. SNA members volunteer at a local community health center, campus health fairs, and a variety of other health and wellness programs. There are also clothing, food, and toy drives for those that are less fortunate.

SNA offers social activities throughout the year for its members. These include a welcome party in September for new nursing students, a Christmas party in December and an end of year party in May. Members attend both local and state conferences. Members are also sponsored to attend the National SNA conference held in a different state every year.

Participation in the various SNA events is essential for success, including active support of the yearly fundraisers. In addition there are modest annual dues to help offset the cost of SNA sponsored events.

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Sigma Theta Tau International

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI)  is an international nursing honor society that was founded in 1922 by six nursing students at Indiana University. It is dedicated to improving the health of people worldwide.

Its quarterly journal, Journal of Nursing Scholarship, provides current research and policy information.

The vision of STTI is focused on leadership to create a global community of nurses who lead in using scholarship, knowledge, and technology to improve the health of the world's people. Leadership activities support the principle of international standards and international support for improving the quality of patient care in the world not just the United States. If there is one word that describes all aspects of STTI it is excellence.

The Mu Delta chapter of STTI is housed at Sacred Heart University. Membership is available to students based on GPA and class rank. Undergraduate students may be admitted after completion of 50% of the nursing credits, with a minimum 3.0 GPA and ranked in the upper third of the class. Graduate students may be admitted after completion of 25% of the nursing credits with a 3.5 GPA.

Many nursing leaders in the community are members of STTI through nomination by Delta Mu STTI members. Recently Mu Delta invited a nurse leader from another country to join its chapter. This nurse leader is a teacher who lives and works in Kota Bharu, Malaysia and recently completed her master's degree. She presented research on the meaning of menopause to women in her country, a pioneering effort in that part of the world. Her membership reinforces the belief that nursing and nursing education is global and the responsibility of all members of the nursing community.

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