General Policies

Access to the facilities

All SHU students, faculty, staff, and members must swipe a valid SHU ID card.


No guests are allowed to use the fitness facilities. This includes family members.

Summer Interns

Interns may purchase a summer membership. This typically runs from June 1st – August 1st and costs $30 per month.


Alumni, graduate students, part time undergraduate students, and part time faculty/staff are all invited to join the Pitt Center for a fee. Full time undergraduate students do not need to pay any additional fees to use any of our fitness or recreational space. We have a very small pool of community members, but are no longer offering new ones.

More Information

Food and Beverages

Please cap all beverages. No food is allowed in the fitness area, including the studio.


No posting is allowed on Pitt Center boards unless it is approved through the Student Activities Office.

Smoking Policy

Sacred Heart University is a smoke free campus; however, there are designated areas for smoking. The nearest one to the Pitt Center is located near the outdoor basketball courts behind Seton and Merton Hall.


Animals (except for guide dogs) are not permitted in the Pitt Center. Report any animal in the Pitt to a manager.

Alcohol and Tobacco

No alcohol or tobacco is allowed. 

Vending Machine Refunds (Snack and Soda)

Vending machine refunds go to the Student Union.