Today is Wednesday, January 28: all classes are canceled today. University offices will open at 10 a.m.  All essential services employees report as scheduled. For additional information, visit the SHU Campus Alert page.


Fall Semester

If the numbers allow, we will run a women's league, men's league and a mixed league. All matches are the best of 3 sets, games to 25, third game to 15.



2013 Co-ed Team OT
2012 Co-ed OnCon
2011 Co-ed Off Constantly
2010 Co-ed Free Agents
2009 Men's Team Rick James
2009 Co-ed Victor's Promise
2008 Fall Bumpin Uglies
2007 Tuesday Stanky Chickens
2007 Thursday Bumpin Uglies
2006 Fall Electric Cowboys

Spring Semester

Co-Ed Volleyball is a 1-day co-ed tournament held at the Pitt Center. Matches will be the best of five with sets to 25 and, if necessary, the third set to 15. There must be at least 2 females and 2 males on the court at all time.