Fitness Classes

  • All fitness classes are held in the William H. Pitt Center Aerobics Room unless otherwise noted.
  • Spinning Classes are held in the spinning room in the CWC Fitness Area in Donovan Hall.
  • Classes are free and open to all SHU full time students and Pitt Center members. The class size is limited, so please arrive early to secure your spot and sign the sign-in sheet.
  • STAFF: To register and prepay for the staff only classes please call 365-7543. To obtain additional health and wellness opportunities, please refer to the SHU Employee Wellness Program website.

2015 Fall Semester Student Fitness Classes | Pitt Center

Fall 2015 Fitness Class Schedule
2015 Fall Semester Student Spinning Classes | CWC - Donovan Hall
Fall 2015 Spin Schedule
**Please bring a sweat towel and water bottle**

Class Descriptions

Barre Class
Transform the shape of your body with this dancer inspired workout.  A muscle intensive workout designed to reshape and elongate the body.  Based on Lotte Burke and The Bar Method, a Pilates and yoga fashioned dancer's workout that burns calories and whips all your major muscle groups into a sculpted, long, lean shape.

Boot Camp
This interval class will offer combined aerobic and strength exercises.  Get ready to sweat, have some fun and receive the encouragement you need to have an awesome workout.  All levels welcome.

Cardio Craze
Come join the fun during this nonstop aerobic workout!  This high energy dance class will have easy to follow choreographed movements, that will make you forget you are even working out! All levels welcome.

Core (30 minute class)
Come for a quick core workout, set to up-beat music.  All levels welcome.  Bring a mat or towel.

Hoola Hooping
A study conducted by the American Council on Exercise found that hula hooping burns approximately 210 calories in 30 minutes. This means that hula hooping is an excellent low impact form of exercise for weight management. Not only is hula hooping a great form of cardio and muscle toning, but it is also highly enjoyable. Hula hooping reduces stress, elevates mood, improves balance and coordination, and clears the mind. In this class you will learn waist hooping along with other beginner hoop dance movements and tricks, which will be incorporated into a dance. Barbara's handmade hoops will be provided for class free of charge, but if you would like to purchase a hoop from her to take home and practice that is an option as well.

Here is a link to an excellent article on the benefits of hula hooping

Strike Fit
A combination of "Boot-Camp" calisthenics and a variety of training techniques used by combat sport athletes, the STRIKE-FIT program builds overall fitness through: plyometric, isometric, and isotonic exercises, body-weight resistance training, full body flexibility training and Combat Sports Training.

Multiple muscles are worked through slow and smooth movements, focusing on building a strong core. Pilates will increase core strength, balance, flexibility, and create muscles that are long & lean.

A fun and intense workout that takes place on a specialized Spin bike. The room stays charged with great music as your instructor motivates you and guides you through various types of riding techniques.

Sunrise Yoga
This mind/body class will give you a total body workout, and provide simple meditation.  It incorporates deep stretching, strengthening poses, and improves balance, and endurance. This class will have you moving, breathing, and sweating while helping you find your inner calmness and peace! All levels welcome.  Bring a mat or towel.  

Yoga combines various postures to tone, strengthen and align the body; it focuses on strength, flexibility and spirituality. Yoga also incorporates breathing techniques and meditation.

A great blend of yoga and pilates! Toning, strengthening, breathing and stretching techniques all in one class.