New Part-Time Students

New part-time students should follow these steps:

  • Schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor.
  • Create an account, complete an online application and submit with the non-refundable application fee.
  • Submit a copy of your official high school transcript or GED.
    • Note: All part-time undergraduate applicants are required to submit their official high school transcript with their application. Effective August 31, 2011, applicants for part-time undergraduate admissions who attended CT public schools will be assigned a CT SASID number. CT public high schools are required to print this number on the high school transcripts starting August 31, 2011. University College must have this number for CT SASID reporting purposes.
  • Provide documentation of adequate immunization against measles and rubella.
  • You may register with an advisor’s signature as an in-process student prior to our receipt of your application requirements.