English as a Second Language

Available Position:

Office Assistant | POSITION FILLED

Responsibilities are: Office Administration, prepare ESL reports, answer phone, student advising for international students, data entry, accompany ESL students on field trips, conversation partnering with ESL International Students.

DEPARTMENT: English As a Second Language
EXPECTED HOURS: Minimum 4 hours per week. Office is open Monday through Friday with Sat. Orientations
TO APPLY: Contact Marissa Gambardella, Assistant Director to the English Language Institute at gambardellam30046@sacredheart.edu.

Conversation Partner

Provide opportunities for social interaction between US, native English speakers and ELI students using English as the medium of communication. Provide the spirit of welcoming and exchange on SHU campus. Support ELI students’ ability to converse comfortably in English. Support ELI students’ ability to use grammar correctly when speaking English. Assist in developing correct pronunciation of English words. Improve ELI students’ knowledge of English colloquialisms and idiomatic English. Help ELI students’ understanding of U.S. social and academic culture.

DEPARTMENT: English Language Institute
REPORTS TO: Elena Adlon Place & Marissa Gambardella

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

  • Commit to meeting ELI students weekly, for 1 hour meetings each time.
  • Speak English clearly as it is used at the university level.
  • Listen actively and ask open-ended and gender neutral, supportive questions.
  • Provide constructive feedback and correct errors as they occur.
  • Motivate ELI students to contribute equally to the conversations.
  • Work with the Academic Director for suggestions and better understanding of grammar points and areas where the student may need extra help.
  • Utilize the Conversation Partner Program worksheets/activities as provided by the Assistant Director.
  • Communicate any concerns or appointment “no-shows” to the Assistant Director.
  • Proactively communicate with the ELI student to set (at minimum) weekly one (1) hour appointments.
  • Arrive punctually and give the ELI student a minimum of twenty four (24) hours notice when needing to cancel/reschedule meetings.
  • Assist during New Student Orientation, Welcome and Goodbye lunches, as well as excursions and other ELI events.

EXPECTED HOURS: Student must be available to commit to at least two of the time slots: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 11:30AM – 12:30PM, 3PM – 4PM.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: English as a first language, minimum 2 hour commitment.

TO APPLY: Contact Marissa Gambardella at 203-365-7528 or gambardellam30046@sacredheart.edu.