Lab Assistant

This position is a great opportunity for any student majoring in the sciences who would like to gain valuable hands on lab experience. The lab assistant will play an integral role in preparing all chemistry labs. The experience gained in this position will help reinforce chemistry concepts and will be a great addition to a student’s resume when seeking employment or graduate assistant positions.

REPORTS TO: Sharon Fedak, Lab Coordinator-Chemistry

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

  • Preparing solutions and chemicals
  • Setting up glassware and equipment for lab experiments
  • Setting up any instrumentation needed for the lab
  • General cleaning (putting away all lab materials, washing glassware, washing down lab benches and fume hoods)
  • General maintenance of the labs  (filling distilled water jugs, wash bottles , paper towel /soap dispensers)

EXPECTED HOURS: Hours available are from 9AM - 4:30PM Monday through Friday. A schedule will be determined based on work study award amount, student availability and coverage needed for the chemistry labs.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: This position is for a responsible and dependable student who has had lab experience, is a science major and is currently enrolled in a chemistry lab. Some positions may require at least one year of chemistry labs taken at a college or university. Chemistry majors preferred.

TO APPLY: Potential candidates will be interviewed. Contact Sharon Fedak at 203-371-7777 or