Audio Visual

Audio Visual Technician

The Audio Visual Technician position is responsible for the check in and check out of equipment to the staff, faculty, and students. Other tasks include frequent checks of classroom technology, maintaining the cleanliness of the office and closets, and assisting in any other tasks as assigned by the full time employees of the department, all while maintaining the highest level of customer service possible.

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

  • Level 1 support of technology and customer service
  • Check-In and Check-out of equipment
  • Maintaining the equipment in stock and in the classrooms
  • Assisting/managing the setup and breakdown of events held on campus.
  • Assisting in filming/editing of colloquia and large events
  • Cleaning of office and closets
  • Misc tasks assigned by staff

EXPECTED HOURS: Work Studies are expected to work their fully allotted time of work hours per semester. You are responsible for working with a full time employee to work out your schedule. Work studies are required to fill check hours between 7:30AM and 10:30PM.


This role will involve significant interaction with other students, Faculty, and Staff members.
Work-Study/Technicians must be:
  • Responsible and professional individuals, at any student level
  • Skilled in conversation and be able to instruct users on technology use
  • Comfortable troubleshooting problems in classroom technology
  • Positive and resourceful
  • Skilled in MS Office, Windows 7

TO APPLY: Contact Kristen Maurer at