Suggested Lenders

We understand that a university education is a significant investment for any student and that today more then ever, a degree has become a necessity. We would like to inform you of the options available for financing your education. We recommend exploring and taking advantage of any scholarships, grants, work-study that you may be eligible for first, then borrowing your maximum Federal Stafford Loan. If you are still in need of additional financing to fill the remaining gap, we have also provided a link for the Federal Direct PLUS loan as well as a link for alternative loan financing options. Sacred Heart University provides a list of suggested lenders that we hope will assist you in your research. We evaluate a wide range of lenders based on the opinions of our staff and our borrowers on what constitutes the best options for student/parent borrowing.

Our evaluation is based on (but not limited to) the following criteria:

  • reduced default/origination fees
  • reduced interest rates
  • cash back/rebate programs
  • reasonableness of on-time/late payment criteria
  • efficiency of origination, guarantee, and payment of proceeds
  • optimal levels of customer service in school, in grace, and in repayment
  • cohort default status
  • mission of the organization
  • reputation of lenders from an industry standard and borrower perspective
  • Sacred Heart University borrower experience

We review our lender list yearly. We do not receive any form of payment for inclusion on our suggested lender list. Our suggested list is designed as an optional service for our families--helping them find competitive market rates combined with excellent customer service. Students and parents are free to work with any lender they choose and we will process any loan with any lender at the family’s request. Sacred Heart University is happy to assist you in researching the lender of your choice by providing you with a link to ELM Resources, the same system that the university uses to process and track loans. Follow this link to Elm Select and once there type Sacred Heart University into the "School Search" bar and then select your program from the "Select Program" drop-down box. This link provides a list of all suggested lenders that offer private/alternative education loans and links to their websites to initiate the application process.

Student Lending Analytics

A list of private loan options for undergraduates to serve schools and their students who need a focused and neutral resource for help in finding a private student loan.