Loans & Financing Options

Federal Source Eligibility Requirements Award Ranges

Federal Direct Stafford Loan Subsidized Program

Students who have demonstrated financial need beyond what financial aid covers are eligible to borrow under this program.The government will pay all interest during the in-school period, and principal repayment is not required while the student is in school.

Up to:

$3500-year 1

$4500-year 2

$5500-yrs 3&4

Federal Direct Stafford Loan Unsubsidized Program

Students who do not have demonstrated need may borrow under this program.Interest will be paid by the borrower while borrower is in school.However, student may opt to defer payment until they leave school.

Dependent students are eligible for an additional $2000.

Independent students are eligible for an additional:
$6000- yrs 1&2
$7000- yrs 3&4

Federal Perkins Student Loan

U.S. Citizen or permanent resident alien enrolled as an undergraduate with exceptional financial need

Amounts vary per year.

Federal Direct Parent Loan Program

An unsubsidized federal loan program for parents of dependent undergraduates.

May borrow up to cost of attendance less financial aid award.