State Scholarships & Grants


Eligibility Requirements

Award Ranges

Roberta B. Willis Scholarship Need-Based Award

Undergraduate Connecticut residents whose federal Expected Family Contribution (EFC) falls within the allowable range.  

Up to $4,500 for full time study in a 4 year program

Roberta B. Willis Scholarship Need-Merit Award

Undergraduate Connecticut residents who are high school seniors or graduates, with a high school junior year class rank of 20% or better and/or SAT scores of at least 1800 or ACT score of at least 27.

Up to $5,250 for full time study in a 4 year program

The Minority Teacher Incentive Grant Program/ Weisman Scholarship

These programs assist with educational costs for minority students interested in teaching in a Connecticut public school.

Both programs provide up to $5,000 a year for the final two years of full-time study to minority undergraduates enrolled in Connecticut Teacher preparation programs.

Both programs also provide eligible students with $2,500 in yearly stipends for up to four years of teaching in a Connecticut public elementary or secondary school. 

The Weisman Scholarship Program is designed specifically for students planning to teach math or science in a Connecticut middle or high school. 

In order to qualify for these programs, you must be nominated by the Dean of the Isabelle Farrington College of Education. Please contact the College of Education for a nomination form. Nomination applications should be sent by October 15 to the Connecticut Office of Higher Education for consideration. 

Up to $5,000
Other State Scholarships Eligibility varies. Write directly to your State Board or Commission for Education.   

 *Award amounts and criteria are subject to change.