Request for Re-Evaluation

Sacred Heart University's objective is to offer students the best financial assistance award possible considering its policies, federal and state financial aid funding levels, and the availability of institutional financial aid resources. However, in certain situations, students and/or their families may appeal for a re-evaluation of their eligibility for financial assistance. Please follow all of the following instructions provided to ensure a complete review by the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Please decide if you can appeal based on special circumstances or loss of income as outlined below.

Examples of circumstances we will consider include:

  • Loss of income due to involuntary loss of employment
  • Major repairs after a natural disaster
  • High medical costs not covered by insurance
  • Increased educational expenses above our standard budgets
  • Dependency status re-evaluations due to adverse home situations

Note: High mortgage costs, credit card/consumer debt, and other discretionary expenses incurred in many households will not be considered in our evaluation of your eligibility for financial aid.

Federal regulations and institutional policies require that special conditions or circumstances fall within certain parameters and that they are accompanied with supporting documentation. This form is designed to assist you in providing information critical to the review of your special conditions appeal. The special conditions appeal decision will be based on the circumstances as detailed in this form and from the quality of additional documentation provided.

Additionally, while we will not address appeals based on any disagreement with any of our financial aid policies (as Sacred Heart University does not negotiate financial aid offers), the University is willing to compare aid packages from other comparable institutions for incoming students. If you would like us to take a second look, copies of your other award packages must compliment your appeal form.

Filing the Appeal

  • Step 1

    Download the 2016-2017 Request For Review - Merit Appeal if the reason for your appeal is to compare received aid packages from comparable institutions OR download the 2016-2017 Request for Review - Special Conditions Appeal if the reason for your appeal meets the aforementioned criteria for special conditions. 

  • Step 2

    Submit the appeal form and all required documentation to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

    RETURNING UPPERCLASSMEN: Please be advised you will need to submit the CSS Profile for additional institutional aid for a request for review/appeal.

  • Step 3

    All submitted documentation becomes the property of the Office of Student Financial Assistance and will not be returned. Photocopies are accepted, but you may later be asked to provide original documents.

Awaiting the Decision

The Financial Aid Office will review the request and notify you of its decision via e-mail, and the student’s SHUAwards page. Submission of a request for re-evaluation neither guarantees an adjustment to a student's award, nor prevents the accrual of late fees on any unpaid student account balances. While it is our goal to process decisions as soon as possible, many circumstances require an extensive review. While we review your request, we ask you to please be patient and understanding. Institutional adjustments can be made in a relatively short time. Changes to federal or state awards usually take longer. No changes will be made until all documents that are applicable are received, and verification of the original application has been completed.  You are responsible for payment of your Sacred Heart University billed charges while this appeal is being reviewed.

Please note that all financial aid awards are, by nature, personal and highly confidential. It is not only inappropriate, but against Sacred Heart University policies to discuss or disclose your financial aid award with others or through the use of social media. By filing an appeal, and signing the certification on either form, you are hereby agreeing to these guidelines.

Please proceed with all loan applications in the interim. We can always reduce the amount of the loan you are borrowing.