FAQ's on Verifications

FAQ's on Verifications

Verification is a process mandated by the Department of Education that requires colleges and universities to review and ensure accuracy of information on the FAFSA.

Students are selected for a variety of reasons. Some selections are completely random or some data may be inconsistent or missing. Being selected does not mean anything was done wrong.

Check your SHU Awards in order to see what documents are needed and submit them as soon as possible. The documents are typically the following:

  • Verification Worksheet
  • Tax Transcript form the previous tax year for student and parent OR we strongly suggest you use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT)
  • W-2’s for students and parents (This is only required if the student or parent DID NOT file a tax return)
  • Other documents may be requested to clarify information

Submit all required documents by September 1st to avoid having Federal Aid removed from your award package.

Award packages are based on a need-analysis for the student from the EFC calculation. If the FAFSA information is totally accurate, the Award will not change. If corrections need to be made, awards may be adjusted as a result. No Federal Aid can be processed until the Verification is complete.