Course Descriptions

Communication & Media Arts

Intro to Media Productions
This course is an immersive and challenging one designed to improve students' critical thinking and media technology production skills. The objective for this class is not only to make you a better user and consumer of communication technologies, but also to allow you to explore what it means to be a critical thinker in an increasingly technology-driven consumer society.

  • Phase 1 of the class focuses on Digital Imaging and Manipulation. Students will learn the skills needed to manipulate and create digital images with still and video cameras.
  • Phase 2 is Sound recording and manipulation. Students will learn the methods of creating and manipulating audio for use across all media.
  • Phase 3 Collaboration In Media Production. Students will learn the methods and strategies for working as part of a media production team toward a common goal.

Writing and Performing Poetry and Fiction
In 1817, the poet philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge argued that a writer’s greatest test of their imaginative narrative is to have the reader engage in a “willing suspension of disbelief.” In this course, we will explore the craft of writing poetry and fiction with an emphasis on voice, vision, form, and structure. Furthermore, the student will learn how to engage rhetorically the reader by using visual, verbal, and written symbols as performative strategies to release the reader from their grounded reality, by participating in the imaginative universe created by the writer. Therefore, an emphasis on language and its visual and verbal impression on the reader’s senses is paramount in this course to create stimulating imaginative poetry and fiction.

Health Sciences
Health and Wellness Seminar
This course merges introductory concepts associated with the field of public health with an individualized examination of the student’s health and wellness status, goals, and objectives via seminars augmented with health promotion laboratory activities on campus and related readings and assignments.
Addresses the algebra of functions, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions and trigonometric functions, including analytical trigonometry.
Introduction to Psychology
Ever wonder why you feel the need to check your friend's Facebook status every five minutes? Do you frequent the mall because you really just love people watching? Did you know that your body may become paralyzed during your most vivid dreams? If you are curious about your own and others' behaviors then PS110 is the course for you. You will learn through innovative lectures, "cutting edge" research and multimedia presentations about the physiological, cognitive, learning, sociocultural, and psychodynamic bases of behavior.