Course Descriptions

Computer Science

CS 104 Computer Gaming and Animation
This is an introductory programming course designed to expose students to object-oriented programming by using Alice, a software package for creating animations. Students will learn fundamental programming concepts in the context of creating animated movies and simple video games. Using Alice’s 3-D objects and the interactive interface students will learn how to populate a virtual world and create an animation program or an interactive game and share it on the web.  Students will learn in a fun way the instructions correspond to standard statements in a production oriented programming language. Students will learn how the animation programs run, enabling them to easily understand the relationship between the programming statements and the behavior of objects in their animation. The emphasis of this course is hands-on labs and is designed for the novice programmer. Discover how much fun it is to write your first computer animations and interactive games with robots and aliens and much more.

Health Sciences
Health and Wellness Seminar
This course merges introductory concepts associated with the field of public health with an individualized examination of the student’s health and wellness status, goals, and objectives via seminars augmented with health promotion laboratory activities on campus and related readings and assignments.
Addresses the algebra of functions, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions and trigonometric functions, including analytical trigonometry.
Introduction to Psychology
Ever wonder why you feel the need to check your friend's Facebook status every five minutes? Do you frequent the mall because you really just love people watching? Did you know that your body may become paralyzed during your most vivid dreams? If you are curious about your own and others' behaviors then PS110 is the course for you. You will learn through innovative lectures, "cutting edge" research and multimedia presentations about the physiological, cognitive, learning, sociocultural, and psychodynamic bases of behavior.