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Evidence-Based Study Skills Workshops that Prepare Students for Success

About the S4 Program

Over 1,800 students have benefited from S4’s evidence-based strategies, skills and tools.

S4 is unique in the way it teaches study skills:

  • Step-by-step real world teaching approach
  • Highly interactive student friendly format
  • Dynamic, motivated and passionate teachers
  • Original material for at-home study
  • Parent support after each session

Why Learn Study Skills?

Study skills enhance academic performance, increase confidence, reduce stress and allow students to:

  • Deepen academic engagement
  • Increase motivation
  • Better retain material
  • Improve comprehension
  • Reduce stress
  • Have a road map to better results

Available Workshops

Study Skills 1.0
S4’s foundational evidence-based Study Skills workshop teaches students how to study.

In this class, your student will learn to:

  • Take notes when reading and listening
  • Plan, organize and manage time
  • Study and prepare for tests
  • Strategize active reading and listening
  • Study and prepare over time, the opposite of cramming
  • Study and stay on task for precision, retention and speed

INTRODUCING Study Skills 2.0
S4’s Advanced Study Skills workshop builds on the foundational skills of our core workshop. This workshop focuses on providing students with tools that increase self-motivation, improve focus, and encourage greater independence and self-management to maximize in-class participation, strengthen reading skills, and develop stronger memorization and retention.

Your student should take this class if they:

  • Have mastered foundational study skills
  • Are rising to grades 8—College freshman

Benefits of this class include:

  • Gaining more control and independence in their academic outcome
  • Developing strategies and techniques for staying focused, motivated and on-task
  • Enhancing techniques for deeper reading and more engaged classroom participation
  • Gaining tools that support a stronger memory, better critical thinking, and reduced stress


By The End Of The Workshop Your Student Will Have:

  • An easy-to-implement system for studying
  • A step-by-step approach for strengthening their studying to better their academic performance
  • The know-how to organize their assignments and time
  • The know-how to study, prepare and schedule for tests and other assignments
  • Confidence

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Registration & Location



  • $395 per 7.5 hour workshop, 10% sibling discount


  • All in-class materials
  • Original S4 Teach Sheets for each skill/tool taught for at-home reference
  • Post-parent emails after each session


  • Fairfield Campus: 5151 Park Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06825
  • Stamford Campus: 3 Landmark Square, Stamford, CT 06901

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