Health Insurance Abroad

Health Insurance Abroad

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HTH Worldwide International Insurance

SHU & SHU-Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

As part of your study abroad program with Sacred Heart University, you have been enrolled in an HTH Worldwide health insurance plan which will provide you with service and protection in the event you become ill or injured during your program. It is mandatory that all students participating in SHU study abroad programs be enrolled in HTH insurance coverage.  The cost is included in the payment of the study abroad fee.  

Once accepted to a study abroad program, you will receive a description of HTH benefits and covered medical expenses. In addition, you will receive an insurance card prior to your departure. Please carry this insurance card with you at all times while you are overseas. The HTH study abroad policy has a lifetime maximum of $1,000,000 and a maximum of $100,000 per year and per injury/illness. There is no deductible and Pre-existing conditions are covered. The policy brochure can be accessed 2015/16 HTH pamphlet.

Once enrolled with HTH, you will be assigned a personal ID number (Certificate Number). This number will be on your ID card and may also be accessed through HTH Worldwide. Upon receipt of this number, please log on to the HTH Worldwide website to register and have access to the HTH tools, services, and benefits information. This site will show you how to do a doctor/pharmacy/hospital search, medical translation, file a claim, etc.  You should familiarize yourself with HTH prior to travel abroad and you are encouraged to contact them anytime with specific questions.  You will need to enter your personal HTH Worldwide ID number to register at this website.

Parents can access information about HTH Worldwide by visiting the HTH Parents website.

Non-SHU Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

If you are attending a non-SHU Affiliated study abroad program you should make sure that you are covered by health insurance while abroad.  Your program provider or host university may provide coverage for you.  You should check on this as part of your application process.  You may also want to contact your own health insurance carrier for information regarding coverage overseas.

If you would like to purchase an individual HTH health insurance policy you are welcome to do so by contacting HTH directly.  If you would like to learn more about HTH’s offerings, please visit the HTH Demo website.  

HTH Non-Emergency Medical Care Overseas

If you are in need of non-emergency medical care overseas, you may contact HTH directly at the phone number or email address on your ID card for 24/7 service and assistance.  Always contact HTH in the case of emergency or have someone else contact them on your behalf.  If you are able to access the internet, please log on to the HTH website to locate a physician. HTH has already identified and certified physicians who can provide medical care in most of our study abroad destinations.

There is no deductible and no co-payment for your medical care through HTH partner providers. However, you will need to pay for prescription medicine out-of-pocket. Collect all receipts, and submit them along with a completed HTH claim form directly to  upon your return to the U.S. If you are unable to receive care from an HTH provider and must see another provider, please contact HTH to see if the provider will accept payment from HTH. You may need to pay costs out-of-pocket. Collect receipts for every service provided and then submit the receipts and a completed HTH claim form directly to HTH after you return to the U.S. You are advised to bring a credit card with you for medical emergencies. Please read the policy information on the Basic Insurance below. 

Emergency Medical Care Overseas

In the event of a medical or evacuation emergency, you should contact HTH immediately at: 1-888-243-2358 (phone number is on the card) as well as OGA.

All Eligible Participants are entitled to Global Assistance Services while traveling outside of the United States. In the event of an emergency, youshould go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital without delay and then contact HTH Worldwide. HTH Worldwide will then take the appropriate action to assist and monitor the medical care until the situation is resolved.

To contact HTH Worldwide in the event of an emergency, call 1.800.257.4823 or collect to +1.610.254.8771.

Submitting a Claim

Claims are to be submitted to:

HTH Worldwide
Attn: International Claims
One Radnor Corporate Center, Suite 100
Radnor, PA 19087, USA

See the HTH Worldwide website for claim forms and instructions on how to file.

Individual and Group International Travel

Individuals/groups participating in not-for-credit SHU-sponsored study abroad program (i.e.: service programs, non-credit programs, faculty/staff on education related travel, etc.) are required to enroll in an HTH Worldwide health insurance plan, and the OGA will facilitate this process.

HTH is available for current SHU students, faculty and staff under 65* (Family, Friend, Alumni/ae, etc. would need to secure their own plans and are not protected under the SHU liability insurance).

*Those over 65 can be covered at a higher premium rate.

Please contact the Office of Global Affairs at least thirty (30) days prior to departure to enroll and complete necessary paperwork. For groups, one program contact will be responsible for collecting the required items from the group members and submitting them to the OGA.