Types of Programs

Types of Programs


SHU and SHU-Affiliated Programs • Non-Affiliated Programs

SHU and SHU-Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

When you study abroad on a SHU Affiliated study abroad program, you are still registered as a SHU student; whether you are here or abroad.  You are never “transferring out” of SHU and we make things as administratively smooth as possible.  You can spend a semester, a year, a month, or two weeks abroad earning academic credit and gaining the kind of knowledge only a study abroad experience can provide.  Some of the benefits of attending SHU programs (versus attending a non-Affiliated program) are:

  • Ease of credit transfers – Courses completed on a SHU study abroad program may fulfill general education, elective, or major/minor credits, enabling you, no matter your academic plan, to study abroad and graduate according to your schedule.
  • Ease of financial aid transfer – All of your semester financial aid and academic scholarships will travel with you on a SHU Affiliated semester program! If you qualify for a loan during the summer anyways, you may certainly take advantage of this during a SHU summer session abroad!
  • Knowledgeable staff and support– The Office of Global Affairs provides information sessions and walk-in hours to assist you during the entire study abroad process.  We have carefully planned and selected our programs and are knowledgeable about them.  Additionally, we stay in close contact with our on-site staff and university affiliates should any questions arise. 

Comprehensive list of our SHU Affiliated semester and short-term programs

Non-SHU Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

If you desire to study abroad and receive credit through a non-SHU Affiliated program you must go through Sacred Heart University’s Office of Global Affairs, regardless of the program.  If you fail to comply with this procedure, your credits abroad will not transfer back to SHU.

Please note that we cannot "vouch" for a non-Affiliated program in any way (quality, safety, administration, academic integrity of the institution, etc.). 

You may already know where you want to go, or you may find that narrowing down the options proves to be challenging.  As a general rule, it may be better to stick with a reputable University or College, over an “institute.” If you have no idea where to start looking, here are a few links to assist you (these are not sponsored, endorsed or recommended by SHU):

Contact the Study Abroad Office at local or well-known U.S. Colleges and Universities. 

You will need to research program options thoroughly in order to determine where you want to go.  We recommend calling the program(s) to ask questions and contact references.  Unfortunately, there is no "master list" of all study abroad programs in the world.

Policies related to non SHU Affiliated study abroad programs include:

  • Seniors- As stated by the Office of the Registrar, your last 30 credit hours must be taken at Sacred Heart University.  Therefore, a senior may not go abroad on a non-Affiliated SHU program, NO exceptions.
  • Admissions- BEFORE applying to the host program, you must first submit important items to the Office of Global Affairs by the specified SHU application deadlines (If the host deadline is after the SHU deadline, you must adhere to the SHU deadline) so that we are:
    1. Aware that you are plan to go abroad and can advise you appropriately;
    2. Can determine if you are eligible for a leave of absence (semester programs). *Note: Typically if you are on good academic and disciplinary standing at Sacred Heart University, you apply on time and follow this protocol, then you will be allowed take a leave of absence.  After submitting your paperwork, we will notify you if you qualify for a Leave of Absence or if you must withdraw from the University.

If you decide to proceed with your plans to study abroad at a non SHU Affiliated program, you may then mail your completed application to the host program directly.  If you need a signature from the SHU Office of Global Affairs to complete your application, please make an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator.

The sponsoring institution will make the final admissions decision.  If admitted, the program assumes the responsibility of providing you with the necessary program information.  We will not make contact with this university or provide program specific information to you.  You are responsible for working with the program directly. If you are not admitted to the program, or decide not to participate, you must immediately notify us immediately.

Even though you would not be participating in a SHU program, there are still several steps you would need to follow:

  • Paperwork- While the host program may have forms and tasks for you to complete, you must also complete the required SHU forms and attend the SHU pre-departure orientation.  These forms are due by March 1 for fall/summer programs and October 1 for spring and winter programs, and include a Transfer Request Permission form and Non-Affiliated Study Abroad form, available to you during the application process.
  • Pre-departure Orientation- You are required to attend the SHU pre-departure orientation and are strongly encouraged to purchase international health insurance from our provider, HTH.
  • Billing- Sacred Heart University will be invoiced the program fees set by the CCIS host program. We will then bill you this amount plus a study abroad fee, which includes international insurance.
  • Financial Aid- SHU will not process financial aid and SHU scholarships will not apply towards non-Affiliated programs.  You are responsible for making financial aid and payment arrangements with the host institution directly.
  • Registration- You will have to take a leave of absence or withdraw from SHU.  You are responsible for registering at your host institution.  Semester students that fail to comply with this procedure or that do not qualify for a leave of absence will be withdrawn from Sacred Heart University and will have to reapply for admissions via the normal process.
  • Credits- Grades obtained on a non-SHU Affiliated program will not factor into your SHU GPA.  These grades might transfer with a C or better.  You are responsible for working out the transfer of credits with the appropriate academic departments at SHU using a Transfer Request Permission form available to you during the application process.  Please obtain all of the signatures indicated on the form except for the Registrar’s signature.  As a final step, bring the completed form to the OGA.  We will then sign the form and take it to the Registrar. You are responsible for having your final transcript from your term abroad sent to the OGA. 
  • Transcripts- If we need to convert your transcript, we may use the WES guide to convert foreign transcript to the U.S. grading system.  If a more comprehensive translation service is necessary, you will be responsible for paying for the cost of the professional evaluation. 

Any student that fails to comply with any part of this process will not be able to transfer credits from abroad to SHU.

Apply for permission to attend a non SHU Affiliated program