Please check the individual program pages for program specific requirements as eligibility requirements do vary by program.

No matter the program you choose, you must meet or exceed all general study abroad eligibility requirements and adhere to the application deadlines. Admission to a study abroad program is not guaranteed. To meet the eligibility requirements you:

  • Need to be in good academic and disciplinary standing (you cannot be on probation of any kind)
  • Need a clean student account (no financial blocks)
  • Need to meet the specific eligibility requirements for your program (see individual program pages)

Please note that applications are not considered complete and will not be reviewed until all materials are submitted to the OGA by the specified deadline!


Freshman Year (and onward):

Apply for a passport. If you currently have a passport, please make sure that it will be valid for at least six (6) months AFTER you would be finished with your study abroad term.

  • Thoroughly research the study abroad website and attend information sessions (which are conducted each semester) prior to meeting with the Study Abroad advisor. While all students are encouraged to attend the information sessions early on, your attendance is required during the semester of application.
  • Meet with your academic advisor early on to discuss your study abroad plans, especially if you are going abroad for a semester. Good discussion points are:
    • When is the best semester to go abroad?
    • What courses in your degree can be taken abroad?

For example, if you plan to take your last history course in Rome Junior year, then you should not take said History course Freshman year in Fairfield. Some departments may have specific recommendations on when you should (or should not) study abroad depending on your majors, minors, and certificates (and combination thereof). It is always your responsibility to meet with your Academic Advisor(s) and review your major check sheets early on to ensure that you are staying on track towards graduation.

One semester before you wish to go abroad, you should also:

You will receive your admission decision via email. If you are approved to study abroad you will have additional paperwork to complete and you will receive program-specific information (flight dates, immigration, deadlines, course offerings, etc.). Additionally, you will be expected to attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation which will cover important topics such as health/safety, cultural adjustment, communication, packing, finances, etc.  The Office of Global Affairs will be an on-going resource during this exciting time.