Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led Programs


The Office of Global Affairs is happy to assist faculty in all schools and academic departments in establishing new, credit bearing undergraduate international opportunities for their students.  For more information, please contact the Director of Global Affairs, and consult our Faculty Proposal Toolkit on proposing and preparing a faculty led study abroad program.

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Proposing a Program


Faculty are required to plan for an overseas course offering at least 18 months in advance of when the program will occur. Below is the ideal timeline to use during your planning and preparations. Deviating greatly from this timeline will hinder student recruitment efforts, perhaps resulting in cancellation of the program.  To view the full timeline of the cycle of a faculty-led program please refer to Faculty-Led Program Handbook.

When What Who
20-15 months prior Optional: Meet with Office of Global Affairs (OGA) to discuss idea Faculty & OGA

February:16 months prior

Discussion with Department regarding program support Faculty, Dept. Chair, & Dean

March 1 (priority* deadline)

August 1 (conditional** deadline)

Submit program proposal and sample budget sheet to OGA for the following fiscal year  Faculty 

April: 14 months prior

September: (conditional timeline)

Faculty presents proposal to the Advisory Council for Study Abroad for review Faculty, OGA, and ACSA

May-June: 13-14 months prior

October-December: (conditional timeline)

Upon program approval Faculty must plan arrangements and budgeting with OGA Faculty & OGA


*Priority deadline: Proposal will be considered for the following academic/fiscal year.  Pending ASCA approval the program will be offered the following academic/fiscal year.

**Conditional deadline: Proposal will be considered  for the following academic/fiscal year.  Pending ASCA approval the program might be offered the following academic/fiscal year, based on on the current program portfolio as well as logistic and administrative availability.

Proposal Toolkit

This program development toolkit is intended for faculty or departments interested in creating and leading new short-term programs. It serves as both a planning resource and program proposal packet. Within these pages you will find information outlining the program proposal process, the responsibilities of faculty leaders, how to create a successful short-term study abroad program, important deadlines and timelines, as well as other important information.  

Please contact the Executive Director of Global Affairs for the program proposal paperwork. 

Conducting a Program

Congratulations! Your program has been approved, your students have been recruited, and you are now preparing to begin your short-term program abroad. In short, you are now a Faculty Leader of a short-term SHU program abroad. Now, what does this mean?

At its most basic level, being a Faculty Leader means that you administer a program overseas and act as the SHU representative to the student participants, host school faculty and staff, and vendors locally.

In reality, however, you will find that your role is actually more wide than deep. This handbook will provide you with an overview of the essential tasks and responsibilities involved in leading and managing a program abroad. We hope that this handbook will serve you in the following ways:

  • Prevent you from having to reinvent the wheel;
  • Act as a desk reference;
  • Provide a more global view of the Office of Global Affairs (OGA) in order to give you context for what you will experience while working with us.

This handbook is updated annually and improvements are always possible, so please share your suggestions and ideas throughout your time with us.

Faculty Leader Handbook

SHU Faculty-Led Programs

Current and Past faculty-led programs include: