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While we are used to having our grades and updated transcripts here in the U.S. almost immediately after taking final exams, this is not the case for institutions abroad. In many of our program locations, your grades will not arrive at the OSA for up to 8 weeks after the program end date. Your host institution will send via mail, fax, or email your grades as soon as they are available. Once we submit your grades to the SHU Registrar’s Office, you are then responsible for obtaining a copy of your updated official SHU transcript.

When you have completed your program, and once we receive your study abroad grades, we will submit your actual courses, credits, and grades to the Registrar’s Office. The placeholder will remain on your transcript, but the course(s) you actually took and the grade you received will show up on your transcript. Your study abroad grades calculate into your cumulative GPA.

Once we receive your study abroad grades it can take 5 to 7 business days for the grades to be entered. You can request a copy of your SHU transcript through the Registrar’s website.