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In The News

Sacred Heart University Establishing John Moriarty Institute for Ecology and Spirituality in Dingle, Ireland

October 20, 2017

Sacred Heart University has established the John Moriarty Institute for Ecology and Spirituality. The Institute's mission, as stated on its website, is to understand and consider the richness and wonder of the natural environment, and to promote a deeper reflection on human spirituality as an important and necessary element for a flourishing life of meaning and purpose.

Irish Times: Why US college students are flocking to Connemara

September 15, 2017

"Now SHU has become so fond of Dingle that it is purchasing the former Christian Brothers school in the town as a secondary campus, where it hopes to provide courses on tourism, marine science, sports marketing and history. SHU has also signed a memorandum of understanding with University College, Cork and the Institute of Technology (IT) Tralee to run new student and faculty exchange programmes. Irish lecturers will be employed, and the economic spin-off is substantial, Flannery points out."

Bloomberg: Here's Why Ireland Is Set to Be a Winner

June 20, 2017

"Ireland will grow at the fastest pace among euro-area economies this year, despite uncertainties surrounding Brexit negotiations, according to the latest Bloomberg Surveys. “Ireland is clearly the most exposed within the EU to Brexit risk and that will probably lead to a slowdown in growth. However, falling unemployment and a strengthening construction sector should continue to see Ireland as one of the top performers within the EU, at least for the next couple of years or so,” said Alan McQuaid, chief economist at Merrion Capital in Dublin."

About SHU in Dingle

National Geographic once described this region as “the most beautiful place on Earth.” Many refer to the idyllic location of SHU’s campus in Dingle as the “best of both worlds” since it provides students with all of the amenities of a tourist haven, but in an authentic setting with traditional Irish culture.

Dingle is a place with welcoming locals and many hospitable places in which to meet them. Here you will find tremendous learning resources, magnificent relics, ruins and holy places, easy access to other areas of the country and Europe, immersive activities and opportunities to try something new, and a vast, living record of folklore, celebrations, history and authentic music and dance.

If you wish to experience all that Ireland has to offer, the Dingle Peninsula Gaeltacht is where you want to be. In Irish, “An Gaeltacht” refers to the few areas in Ireland in which Irish is the community language. In these areas, people work to preserve the vitality of the language and all aspects of Irish culture. Complementing the traditional culture are the modern amenities which make Dingle ideal for our students: banking institutions, high-quality medical facilities, retail shops, accessibility of bus and train services, a regional airport for travel throughout Europe and proximity to larger towns and cities such as Tralee, Cork and Killarney. Our home base is in the heart and soul of the Peninsula, Dingle Town  a thriving Irish fishing port teeming with restaurants, shops and lively pubs. Both instrumental music and song have a long tradition in the area, and Dingle is renowned among music-lovers.

Sacred Heart University offers an immersive Irish Studies program in the heart of the Irish-speaking Dingle Gaeltacht region.  Using Dingle as the campus classroom, students live the Irish experience through hands-on seminars led by accomplished scholars and local experts. All of our courses feature active participation and immersion – both in and out of the classroom. What develops is a profound understanding of Celtic culture and society, historically and in the modern world. The SHU in Dingle experience is offered in short term ​and semester options.


The John Moriarty Institute for Ecology and Spirituality, which is also housed at the SHU in Dingle campus, will provide resources and present lectures allowing students to reflect on the ideas of John Moriarty. The institute will also sponsor study groups, workshops, monastic retreats, and adult educational tours in Dingle, Killarney, and Galway.


‌The Center for Irish Cultural Studies operates its program in Ireland through a partnership with the Díseart Centre of Irish Spirituality and Culture.  Short-term and semester programs of study as well as adult education programs offer courses in anthropology, archaeology, history, Gaelic language, literature, media studies, music, geology, and religious studies.