Message from the Director

We are very excited to have started our computer engineering program in the fall of 2017. This program was built on the existing strengths of our undergraduate School of Computer Science and Engineering programs, such as computer science, game design and information technology, and our graduate programs in computer science and cybersecurity. Computer Engineering connects the gap between hardware and software. Not only do we offer classes in programming, but we also cover several aspects of computer hardware, such as computer architecture, signals and systems and embedded systems.

We will be moving to West Campus in the fall of 2018 where you will have the opportunity to work in a makerspace that is filled with toys that include microcontrollers, 3D printers, laser cutters and much more. Almost all our computer engineering courses are designed to give you hands-on experience with significant lab components. You will learn by doing and being involved in several projects.  

The School of Computer Science and Engineering has longstanding relationships with industry, and we are currently in the process of securing several internship positions for our computer engineering students. Liberal arts foundation courses that are offered at SHU will also help students get a well-rounded education, which is something industry and academia asks for. They especially look for effective written and oral communication skills.

If you are shopping for colleges, send me an email for a personalized tour. I would be happy to tell you more about our program.

If you are already at SHU...hey, just drop by, and I will show you what we are doing in our classes.

Happy Engineering!

Professor Tolga Kaya
Director of Computer Engineering

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